Mayor Cory Booker in the Stark

Mission Statement

The purpose of the Distinguished Lecturer Series is to offer lectures on a wide range of topics, with an emphasis on national and global current events.

What is the Distinguished Lecturer Series?

Celebrating its 18th season in 2017, the Distinguished Lecturer Series at Riverside Theatre is Vero Beach's premiere lecture series. Distinguished Lecturer Series is a forerunner in the presentation of relevant topics focused on national and global affairs and presented by distinguished experts who bring with them unique insight.

The Distinguished Lecturer Series features four speakers and is typically held during the months of January through April. Each speaker gives two lectures, one at 4 p.m. and one at 6 p.m., both followed by a time of Q&A. Each lecture is given to an audience of approximately 675 subscribers in the Stark theatre, and to an audience of 200 watching each lecture by simulcast in the Waxlax theatre. A reception is usually held immediately following the first lecture, which allows attendees to interact directly with the guest speaker.

Not only does the Distinguished Lecturer Series enrich our community through stimulating and thought-provoking lectures, the series itself plays an important role as a major fundraiser for Riverside Theatre. Located on the barrier island in Vero Beach, Florida, and overlooking the Indian River Lagoon, Riverside Theatre is the largest producing theater in Florida.

Audience members are encouraged to ask questions of the speakers and may do so in advance by contacting the Distinguished Lecturer Series committee via the Contact Us section of this website.

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Distinguished Lecturer Series Committee


Frances F. Atchison
Deborah H. Peniston

Steering Committee

Eugene D. Atkinson
Ben Bailey III
James Balog
Cynthia W. Bardes
Robert G. Barrett
Paul A. Becker
D. Theodore Berghorst
Vaughn Bryson
John H. Dobbs
Lewis M. Eisenberg

Janet I. Field
Herbert Gullquist
Wayne T. Hockmeyer
David Jarvis
John Kean
William N. Kelley
Donald L. Laurie
John Lowenberg
John C. McCord

Joyce L. Moss
Francis J. Partel, Jr.
Constance Pitcher
Patricia Rennick
Robert F. Ritter
Ronald F. Rosner
Joseph D. Roxe
David K. Sims
James R. Walker